Belle of the ball


The fairy godmother just landed and decided to doll you up just like she did Cinderella before the ball. While some might want to go au-natural for the romantic times ahead and allow the skin to breathe by going with subtle make-up, others would like to work some magic on their Prince Charming. Don’t shy away from bold lashes and a pop of lip to profess your love. With a hint of the right colour and expert layering here’s how you can master a look that will make anyone stand up and fall in love. Here are some of the pieces you can pull out for that head-over-heels romantic look.

By Namita Gupta

The good news is since you’re in love, half your job is already done! There is nothing like that natural blushed look which brings the glow to a face just while you’re thinking of your special someone. Want to ace that utterly irresistible look for that someone special? Swati Gupta, makeup and hair expert, Bodycraft shows you how.

  1. Keep it natural so that the natural glow is not lost. Work with that and also remember not to cake yourself too much. The foundation should be just right to give you an even and dewy fresh skin tone.
    2. Dress up those eyes. As they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and its important you let him sink into the depth of those eyes. So work subtle shadows but make the eyes bigger and more dramatic with kohl and layer up the mascara to give yourself the lovely doe-shaped eyes.
    3. Pucker up those lips. If this is the feature you’re choosing to highlight you’re definitely in the right direction. Bold red, fuchsia pink, deep wine or something equally sizzling can works for an evening out. Remember to make sure your lipstick doesn’t leave its traces behind and also remember to carry lipstick in as you tend to eat it up and might need touch ups.
    4. Men have a fetish for shiny, glossy hair and it is important you take the effort to get it styled for this occasion. Whether you choose to wear it silky straight or have soft curls, make sure your mane truly is your crowning glory.
    5. Dab on a sensuous perfume and you’re good to go. Just make sure to work on a look which is you, be who you are and carry that reflection proudly.


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