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An extension of the uber chic poolside restaurant Aqua, The Park has revamped its indoor section to this bustling, hip new space – A2, that is all about global cuisine in a setting that can only be described as minimalistic yet industrial chic.

Text: Preeti GT

Step into the swanky new space by The Park – the ultimate boutique trendsetter in the city and get transported to a world of an artist’s studio. Make as you will but there’s an undeniable charm of distressed interiors filled with exposed industrial water pipes, wooden potli stools and half kathran sofas that lend an edgy, alluring character. Conceptualised by product designer Gunjan Gupta, the glamorous hub is a seamless bonhomie of earthy wood elements, brass water vessels and terracotta matkas along with sharp glass cabinets, cemented ceiling and demure lighting. Capped off with Rajorshi Ghosh’s striking video installation of flowing water, the entire theme spells style and sophistication.

The food and beverage offerings are exemplary and form a generous representation of world cuisine in its tapas, pastas, refreshing summery main courses and an impressive array of Japanese dishes. The latter not just with simple sushis but more complex sashimi, nigiri, ramen and not to forget drool worthy desserts whilst sipping on cocktails featuring home-infused liquors.

Crafted by Executive Chef Ashutosh Nerlekar and A2 Chef Rahul Shrivastava, their collection of signatures across diverse courses with internationally inspired dishes is a must try. Begin with a Carpaccio Tofu served with jalapeño salsa and ponzu sauce and the fascinating Thalaserry black-peppered lamb chops best had with cool mint tzatsiki. Explore the land of the rising sun with Classic Nigiri featuring salmon, tuna and yellowtail, or an A2 special sashimi with prawn, red snapper and more fresh catch. Vegetarians need not fret as the sushi selection features a large vegetarian section using eggplants, bell peppers and sweet caramelised onions. While there you must sample the maki, a typical Japanese dish of sushi and crunchy vegetables wrapped in local seaweed. Chose a vegetarian Nasu maki with avocado, cucumber and cream cheese or an adventurous Spiker maki with soft shell crab, fish eggs and spring onions. Other impressive options include a Miso Ramen of pork tontaksu broth and sticky pork belly or a Malaysian Rendong Vegetable Curry with steamed rice or even a Penne allo Scoglio with fresh seafood and plump cherry tomatoes.
Skipping dessert will account for an epic blunder as there are a couple of them that are nothing short of pure magic! The Chocolate Volcano Bombe for instance is an innocent looking chocolate sphere which when doused with luscious caramel sauce springs to life revealing blueberry jubilee and decadent dulce de leche gelato. For more such drama one can also chose a Baked Alaska Twist – homemade berry ice cream with meringue and flambéed on the table.

As you gently head bob to the beats of some groovy tropical house music, end your meal sipping on some refreshing Tiki Tiki cocktail that has a heady mix of light and dark rum, passion fruit and pineapple juice or for your fancy a Southern Jack with Jack Daniel’s, orange juice, ginger and honey. Let the bartender woo you with some impressive shooters or some wines from around the world perhaps. Raw, unique and simply bueno, your search for a refreshingly impressive take on global cuisine ends here at The Park’s A2.

For reservations call +91 44 4267 6000.



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