Rain Ban


May brings with it a splash of rain in some cities, while summer continues its spell of sweltering heat in the other parts of the country. Whether its protection from sweat while you lounge on the beach or the poolside, or covering up for the drizzle, these magic products that stay true to their waterproof claims might be just what you need in your beauty box right now. Come splash, sweat, rain or tear, try making a mark without a smudge this season.

By Namita Gupta

Gouri Kapur, celebrity makeup artist, shares some tips on how you can keep your makeup long lasting after you’ve spent those precious few minutes perfecting the look every morning.

  • Use a long-stay lipstick. The brands usually tell you how long they will last, but take your own rain check.
  • Use a stay-on cream blusher, instead of a powder one, so even if it rains, it doesn’t streak your face.
  • Avoid heavy foundation and go for lighter ones. Try using a light powder foundation that sets in well and looks more natural or just use a concealer. The best bet would be a BB cream for summer months as well as monsoons.
  • Avoid mascara if you can, but if you want to use it go for a water proof one.
  • For your eyelids, try an earthy shade of eye shadow, that’s closest to your skin tone for the monsoon months.


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