BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Fresh as the Morning Dew – Mitali Tandon


Fresh as the Morning Dew

They are bold, they are brazen, they are beautiful and have carved their own niche. They have many things going for them; they like to be their own boss, stay ahead in the game and are already an inspiration for others at such a young age. RITZ meets some of Bengaluru’s most beautiful girls who are making waves not just for their flamboyance and charm, but also for their body of work in their respective fields.


Her indepth knowledge, research acumen and entrepreneurship skills led her to create a unique brand. Mitali Tandon who developed a drink to beat your hangover blues at the young age of 23, now has a young workforce of 40 plus employees and is spreading her wings across India.

Turning Point: In school, I was part of the Young Enterprise Program, where I was shortlisted and visited other young entrepreneurs in Seattle and in college I started two properties, Shop for A Cause; that brought together products that were curated and sold/donated for a cause and a live cook-off event called Burger Riot. After having tried my hand at traditional 9-5 jobs, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Motivational force: I was 23 when I joined the R&D team at Sericare (parent company of Morning Fresh) doing intensive research, brain storming and purging the extensive information and insights we have into silk protein, sericulture and related industries. Morning Fresh was born through our research discovering the ability of silk protein to boost liver health. With a team of PhDs in bio technology and chemistry we created this product 100% made in India, for young and urban Indians to help them stay fit, healthy, detoxed and hangover free. 3 years, 1 patent, 30K + bottles, mistakes, successes, collaborations and learnings later, I am 26 now and ready to conquer!

Challenges: I learnt very early on that there was nothing about this industry or business that was going to be predictable and we have to adapt, change and improvise. My day starts at 6 am to squeeze in a quick work out before the madness hits. I love making to-do lists, so by breakfast I have a long task list. I use time in traffic to listen to podcasts, stay abreast with industry news and make work calls. I visit partner outlets where we might have an event planned and often great collaboration ideas can happen over some good craft beer!

Position of Power: Deciding to be your own boss has its perks and drawbacks. We are working on ensuring Morning Fresh is easily available online and offline in all major metro cities, and are already in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and moving to other cities rapidly. We also have a number of export opportunities that will be furthered this year, as our product is unique, 100% made in-house and is patented for its formulation.

Bengaluru Matters: Bengaluru city, my home with over 15+ microbreweries and counting, the city has a rhythm unlike any other. It’s helped us test the market with Morning Fresh as customers are well-read, open and experimental. The start-up culture is active in the city, which allows you to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, exchange ideas and share learnings.




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