BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Starting Young – Elixir Nahar


Starting Young

They are bold, they are brazen, they are beautiful and have carved their own niche. They have many things going for them; they like to be their own boss, stay ahead in the game and are already an inspiration for others at such a young age. RITZ meets some of Bengaluru’s most beautiful girls who are making waves not just for their flamboyance and charm, but also for their body of work in their respective fields.


Model and anchor turned social media manager for the country’s oldest political party, Elixir Nahar talks to RITZ on how she’s achieved all this at a young age of 23.

Turning Point: I was 16 when I started modelling, so I used to be the youngest at fashion shows. It prompts you to mature a lot faster and hold your own, as you are constantly interacting with people who are older. Modelling also enforced a lot of discipline and focus on exercise, eating right, skin and hair care, dressing well, learning makeup, and being polished and well groomed.

Position of Power: While modelling was fun and helped build my confidence, I wanted to do something that allowed more creativity. Prasad Bidapa used to let me host some shows alongside him and I found that I loved talking in front of an audience. But I’ve always had a knack for social media and have been on Twitter since I was 14. After an open letter I wrote went internationally viral, it widened my areas of interest. When I got the opportunity I took it up to build my political acumen with India’s oldest political party.

Challenges: The role came to me after I had finished a stint as an anchor/producer with national television in Mumbai. Divya Spandana (actor Ramya), who had taken over Social Media & Digital Communications at INC, asked me to be a part of the new team she was putting together, that entailed a move to Delhi. I moved there for six months. Adapting to the requirements of the role was the challenging part. Political social media in Delhi is a different ball-game altogether. I had to keep abreast of India and the world. Also, working for the Opposition means you have to be reactive, as well as set the agenda.

Motivational force: Being one of the youngest to work with some of the country’s most powerful people, while dealing with the challenges of living alone was a learning curve, but I told  myself that there’s enough time ahead for fun and I have to focus on my work. For now I’m back in Bengaluru and am looking at helping out in the Karnataka elections in a different capacity, as well as focus on some of my other projects. I’m passionate about presenting and anchoring. I’ve already started as a sports presenter for Bengaluru Football Club and will also be hosting at Vh1 Supersonic again.

Bengaluru Matters: Just the comfort that knowing wherever I go or whatever I’m doing, I can always come home to Bengaluru and nothing will ever change. It’s where I was born and bred, it has my family, my school, my college and my friends. It has shaped me into who I am as a person.



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