New Year Fitness Resolutions


Happy Fitness!

It’s a time of the year where you can get a head start on your New Year Resolutions. Many start a new fitness program but never see it through to achieve the goals they were after. Here we have a few basic ideas to get fitness ready this 2020!

Work Out At Home

Gyms can be intimidating, especially when you first start. So, having the option to work out at home will help you get used to training. And just having a few bits of kit like dumbbells and weight bench will help you build strength as well as confidence.

Set Yourself A New Challenge

Heading into the gym in January can be a bit of a nightmare. Challenge yourself with something new. Not only will this help you structure your workouts, but it will also help keep things interesting and rewarding as you start to see improvements.

Find Balance

Training regularly is not only physically beneficial, but many of us can benefit from it mentally too. We have to put the effort in though. Going to the gym and then zoning out or spending too much time on our phones, can mean we miss out on some of the advantages

Sweat More

Diverse People Running on Treadmill

It can be all too easy to get through each gym session without truly challenging yourself. Remind yourself before you start training, that every workout counts and putting in the effort will help you reach your goals.

Training Partner

Having someone to train with is a great way to stay motivated. Not only are you less likely to cancel your training sessions, but you’ll have someone to spot you while you bench and squat, as well as give you a bit of friendly competition along the way.

10,000 Steps A Day

None of us are meant to sit down all day but having an office job with a long commute means many of us to end up spending a lot of our time in some sort of chair. Many fitness trackers will keep a record of the steps and it’s a good idea to aim for around 10,000 steps a day. But if you haven’t got a tracker, don’t worry. Just try and get at least an hour’s worth of walking every day.



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