World War And Its Impact On India


World War 3 fears were triggered after the US ordered the death of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani earlier this month and Iran’s main policy is one of revenge. In the immediate aftermath of Soleimani’s death, Iranian officials called for severe revenge upon the criminals who approved of the fatal drone strike, a threat aimed at the US President, Donald Trump.

A few days later, Iranian forces ordered a missile attack on two Iraq air bases, which host US troops, and representatives both on the street and in Parliament have been seen chanting ‘Death to America’. Yet one body of critics has pointed out that this does not necessarily mean an escalation into World War 3 as Iran’s military is weaker than the US’s, and a win for the Middle East against the West would, therefore, be unlikely. However, Supreme leader Khamenei indicated Iran was not likely to withdraw after just that attack.

So how does this affect India?

India has a lot to use. Firstly, eight million Indians are living in the Middle East and if this spins out of control they would all naturally want to come down and we don’t have enough resources to bring them back. So are we going to abandon them and leave them at the escalated war of tensions? Secondly, the price of oil, gold, and other resources will shoot up and that will eventually impact the Indian rupee. So it is definitely not a sober story for India and it doesn’t have the luxury to stay out of this as the kind of importance this place has is high in global politics. 




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