Maradu Flats Demolition


Jains Coral Cove building that was 55 meter high was razed to the ground within six seconds in Kochi. With this exercise, three buildings; Alfa Serene, Holy Faith H2O, and Jains Coral Cove have been successfully imploded as per the Supreme Court order.

According to the Time Of India, Jains Coral Cove was the largest of the four buildings that were asked to be demolished for CRZ violation. The fourth building that is set to be demolished is Golden Kayaloram. It’s the smallest tower to be razed. Edifice Engineering is using controlled implosions with the assistance of South Africa-based Jet Demolition for this exercise.

Reportedly, Section 144 will be implemented in the exclusion zone and it will be applicable to land, air and road travel. And residents in the neighborhood were vacated beforehand. The agency had ensured geo-textile insulation and the wind curtain around the buildings to prevent concrete debris from flying far during the implosion.



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