Margam: Radica Giri’s Margazhi Performance


Radica Giri showcased her performance this Margazhi season at Brahma Gana Sabha. She performed a Margam of curated pieces that included a Pushpanjali on the river Ganga, a Swarajathi from the traditional Thanjavur Quartet, a Bhakti-soaked piece on Lord Murugan and a Thillana choreographed by Guru Kalaimamamni KJ Sarasa.

A lover of the classical dance since her childhood, Radica Giri had a privilege of coming under the tutelage of the doyenne of the Vazhavoor Bani Kalaimamani KJ Sarasa. She was a passionate dancer and followed the practice of art form with devotion. She imparts education of this beautiful art form to over 100 students and performs extensively. In 2014, Radica staged a performance inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitrangada, a love epic of a warrior princess and the Pandava Prince Arjuna. She is continuing her earnings with Maha Guru Padma Shri Professor Sudha Rani Raghupathy.



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