The Golden Grain: Celebrating Millets


Food Historian and Raconteur Rakesh Raghunathan & Wild Garden Cafe presents ‘The Golden Grain: Celebrating Millets‘ Pop up between 10am to 11pm from March 31st to April 9th, 2023 at Wild Garden Cafe, Amethyst, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014. Ph : 044-45991633 /34.

Millets have been an important food source for many cultures around the world. They are incredibly nutritious and provide essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients to our bodies.

Celebrating millets helps to connect us with the past while also acknowledging the importance of traditional foods in sustaining health. Millets are among the oldest grains cultivated by the indigenous communities and were once part of their staple diet and of many cultures globally.

Eating millets can provide a connection to ancestral traditions, encouraging us to appreciate our heritage and the importance of healthy eating. In addition, millets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop that require minimal water and are known to help with soil retention.

Celebrating millets helps to bring attention to the many benefits of consuming them on an individual and global scale.



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