US School shooter identified as transgender


Police have identified the shooter of a recent shooting in Covenant School in the US as Audrey Elizabeth Hale. He is said to be a transgender. The incident took place on Monday the 27 of March
A video that was released shows Nashville, Tennessee. police officers storming a private Christian grade school before confronting and fatally shooting down the attacker who killed three 9 year old students and three staff members.

According to the police, Hale had a detailed, hand-drawn map of the school showing various entry points and that Hale was armed with a rifle and a 9mm pistol. He is said to be a former student of Covenant School and is believed to have singled out the school for attack as he bore resentment for having to go to that school. However, the victims were said to be targeted at random.
It was discovered that Hale had planned to carry out more shootings at other locations as well.



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