A Father & Friend – Ramesh Dembla


Ramesh Dembla – Fashion Designer & Entertainment Professional

You can either love him or hate him, but you certainly can’t ignore Ramesh Dembla. The fashion and event virtuoso from Bengaluru, who prides himself on pulling off some of the city’s most offbeat Bollywood-style events, has a more mellow side to his flamboyant personality when it comes to his sons Krishna and Rayan. “We’re more buddies than parent and kids,” he tells us, explaining how his older son Krishna often posts pics of them together with captions reading ‘Hanging out with my buddy’!

Ramesh Dembla

“I think it’s really cute,” quips the senior Dembla as he tells us stories of how he spends his best moments with both his boys in the gym. “Krishna wants to be a movie star and I’m doing everything I can to help him on that path. Rayan on the other hand is a typical teen who chooses to spend most of his time lounging around the house and vegetating on the couch. But we’re working on him and hopefully soon he will find himself being part of our chaotic, but super fit life.”

And are either of his boys fashion inclined like the dad? “Absolutely not,” tells the dad with a laugh. “And I don’t want them to take after my line of work either. I want them to enjoy what they do, and not do it because it’s expected of them. I would love for both of them to dream big and strive hard to achieve their goals.”



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