The Perfect Father Figure – Paresh Lamba


He’s one of those men who played an instrumental role in upping the fashion ante for Bengaluru’s unsophisticated men of the yesteryears. In a city where men wore ill-fitted trousers and baggy suits some 20 plus years ago, Paresh Lamba and his design label PL Signatures, have spruced up the wardrobes of many a city-based CEO and businessman. His designs are formal, cutting-edge and super stylish, yet largely understated. Much like the man himself. And Lamba takes great pride in acknowledging the fact that his was one of the first for-men-only stores in the city that offered complete styling solutions for the urbane man.

Paresh Lamba

Paresh Lamba – Designer & Founder, PL Signatures

Today PL Signatures are worn by anyone who has his fashion sense right in the South. Even Lamba’s own sons – Pranav aged 19 and Prithivi aged 16 are huge advocates of their dad’s designs. Both stylish to the hilt and spiffily turned out, their designer dad has made sure he’s passed on his dressing genes to both his boys. “They love wearing the suits that I have customised for them, along with smart casual attire that Pranav has started wearing to business school. He’s quite the fashion icon among his peers,” says the proud father.



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