The Dashing Dad – Sanjiv Shanmugam


We wouldn’t be wrong in calling Sanjiv Shanmugam, Bengaluru’s most stylish man. We also wouldn’t be wrong in calling him one of the city’s best dads. The single father, who is also one of the scions of a real estate empire in the city, sets aside everything on his schedule when it comes to his 12-year-old son Vir. From taking care of the mundane aspects of daily life like getting his son ready for school, managing his homework and attending PTA meetings, he does it all.

Sanjiv Shanmugam (2)

Sanjiv Shanmugam – Managing Director, MLC Estates Pvt Ltd 

Young Vir, it seems, enjoys emulating his father’s uber classy sense of fashion and style. While other lads his age bum around in flip flops and shorts, Vir is most often well turned out, carrying off jeans and a tuxedo with equal élan. “He gets it from me, I can proudly say,” quips the stylish dad, adding that his one woe is that his son hasn’t taken to golf like himself. “He’s more of a soccer guy and so I have to force myself to play a rough game with him from time to time.” It’s obvious Mr Shanmugam hates to get his feet dirty, but he’s willing to do anything to keep his boy happy.

Sanjiv Shanmugam (1)

“But that doesn’t mean he’s going to have an easy and laid-back life where he can depend on his father’s money. I most definitely do not want him to believe that he needs to groom himself to take over my businesses. I want him to be his own person and choose his own path. He knows that I’m around to take care of his expenses till he can finish school and his further education. But after that, he’s on his own and has to find his way through life,” says Sanjiv.

We hope young Vir is listening!



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