A Royal Relationship -Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung


He’s of royal descent, a sportsperson, wildlife enthusiast, eco-tourism advocate, columnist, novelist, angler and photographer with over 25 years of experience in promoting and managing eco-tourism and jungle lodges and camps. Yet his loudest voice is and has always been his fight for striving to conserve Karnataka’s forest lands and indigenous tribes. And it’s a passion that he’s handed down to his dashing son Shaaz Jung.

Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung (2)

Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung – Conservation & wildlife enthusiast  

An avid wild-lifer, renowned naturalist, cat tracker and wildlife photographer. Shaaz left the lucrative corporate life having earned his degree from the Utrecht School of Economics, to follow the family’s passion of establishing eco tourism as an integral tool for Conservation.

As an extension of their activities in India and in keeping with their undying passion for the wilderness, Saad started ‘Africa under Canvas’, in order to offer the perfect wilderness experience set within the national parks of Africa. “My time in Africa is when I bond with nature. But my most cherished cause is to conserve the richness of our own lands – it’s like fighting a downhill battle if I may say so myself,” says Saad.

Nawabzada Saad Bin Jung (1)

Hence his son Shaaz has taken it upon himself to try and maintain the good work his father has done for the tribes in and around Kabini in Karnataka, by managing their camp The Bison. Both father and son spend their best moments in the wilderness, bonding over the spectacular landscapes, amazing wildlife and thrilling experiences.



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