Our Actual Anchors: Sanjay Lalwani With Rivaan


A superhero, guide, friend or role model fathers mean a lot of things to their children and stand by them at all moments. To acknowledge this precious bond of fatherhood, every year Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. He can be anything – strict, cool, expressive or a doting one – he surely is the support system in any child’s upbringing. Recognizing the special role of the male parent, we spoke to a couple of dads about their relationships with their kids. Read ahead to know about it better…


 Sanjay Lalwani With Rivaan

In What Ways Does Becoming A Father Change Life?

There is a very strong sense of being responsible and patient. I look forward to going back home, only to run back to the welcoming hug of his. Another major change is that now, I have to be conscious while speaking in front of him – I watch my language with the fear of him picking up things he shouldn’t.

What One Quality Has Rivaan Taken Of Yours – That You Wish He Hadn’t?

Even though he is just 10 months old, he’s already quite a foodie and his taste buds are exactly like mine. He enjoys spicy food and insists on eating from our plates – which isn’t right for him at this age.

What Special Things Do You And Him Do Together?

I love this question – the most special thing I do with him is going out for a drive every morning when his mommy is asleep. I also pray with him and read the Bible to him sometimes which is a very special thing indeed.

How Do You Rate Yourself As A Father?

I’d sound too modest if I say this but my wife rates me 11 out of 10. (smiles) She tells me there is nothing that she as a mother can do that I as a father cannot do.

What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Being A Dad?

The only difficulty and struggle are waking up at night and compromising on sleep. Everything else is pure joy.



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