Our Actual Anchors: Muqtedar Amir Khan With Hasan


A superhero, guide, friend or role model — fathers mean a lot of things to their children and stand by them at all moments. To acknowledge this precious bond of fatherhood, every year Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. He can be anything – strict, cool, expressive or a doting one – he surely is the support system in any child’s upbringing. Recognizing the special role of the male parent, we spoke to a couple of dads about their relationships with their kids. Read ahead to know about it better…


Muqtedar Amir Khan With Hasan 

In What Ways Does Becoming A Father Change Life?

The only change I felt was a sense of additional responsibility and they want to work towards providing my child with the best of opportunities I possibly could. It looks like I work hard for my child but the truth is, he made me realize my true potential.

What Was The Best Advice Your Dad Gave You, That You Plan On Sharing With Your Son?

Almost everything I know has come from my father, I learned every aspect of life from him.

What One Quality Has Hasan Taken Of Yours – That You Wish He Hadn’t?

His ability to sleep 20 hours a day! Just like me, he can sleep anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. I hope he loses the habit as he grows up and sticks to 8 hours like normal people.

What One Thing Has He Completely Taken After You On?

His love for only Indian food. Even at the age of 5, he’s traveled quite a bit and has tried different cuisines, however, the boy is super loyal and only Indian food pleases his taste buds.

How Do You Rate Yourself As A Father?

I think this question should be for the kid. But, making my father the benchmark, I would say I have a long way to go… I think I can give myself a 5 or maybe a 6.

What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Being A Dad?

Answering the nonstop/endless questions. As much I love the fact that he inquires the ‘why’ behind everything that doesn’t make sense to him, it gets challenging to make sense out of everything for his developing brain.




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