For Those Long Lingering Lunches: Fresh Pressery Cafe


Here we are in December, the time for letting routines relax a bit to make room for merry making. The combination of gorgeous weather, relatives and friends visiting from all over the world, and the end of the year looming over us results in lots of get togethers and going out for meals. Would you say that you learn about hot new eateries mainly though word of mouth? I certainly would, and that’s one aspect I always return to when I explain why I enjoy living here—you’ll learn a lot more through the advice of your friends rather than a Google search. So as your friend, let me tell you about five excellent standalone restaurants that are perfect for those long lingering lunches and decadent dinners that this season is all about!


Fresh Pressery Cafe

I couldn’t go one day without hearing about this place when it first opened a few months ago. Both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike raved about owner Soshna Ramanlal’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients, from smoothies to main course to dessert. It’s hard to categorise this restaurant because it is a health food place that gives all the satisfaction of indulgent food, and the menu has both continental and Asian influences. But the common thread is that each dish is made with wholesome ingredients, served in reasonable portions, and utterly delicious. The açai smoothie tastes like sorbet, and the server proudly told me that the sweetness comes from honey that Soshna sources from her ooru. I am not normally a salad girl, but I lapped up every bit of their fig and goat cheese salad, down to each crumb of candied walnut, an example of how small amounts of topquality ingredients can elevate a dish to the next level. Fresh Pressery Cafe is one of those rare places where you can can consume a starter and main course along with something to drink, but not feel heavy after. Check them out next to Good Earth on Rutland Gate!

Fresh Pressery Café: #3, Rutland Gate 4th St, Srirampuram, Thousand Lights West, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006.

Call: +91 93848 39096

Meal for two: Rs 1,100




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