For Those Long Lingering Lunches: Fuji Japanese Restaurant


Here we are in December, the time for letting routines relax a bit to make room for merry making. The combination of gorgeous weather, relatives and friends visiting from all over the world, and the end of the year looming over us results in lots of get togethers and going out for meals. Would you say that you learn about hot new eateries mainly though word of mouth? I certainly would, and that’s one aspect I always return to when I explain why I enjoy living here—you’ll learn a lot more through the advice of your friends rather than a Google search. So as your friend, let me tell you about five excellent standalone restaurants that are perfect for those long lingering lunches and decadent dinners that this season is all about!


Fuji Japanese Restaurant

I am grateful to the Japanese expats living in Chennai, for it is because of them that we have some excellent, authentic Japanese restaurants to enjoy. Fuji on Chamiers road was a well-kept secret for some time—we’d walk in, notice that once again we were the only Indians there, and feel rather smug that we knew about this place! Now, it’s grown in popularity, thanks to reliably delicious dishes such as the garlic fried rice, miso eggplant, sushi, and sashimi. As for ambience, you couldn’t ask for a better setting, with Japanese screens cordoning off smaller tables for privacy, and a central area with four tables with floor seating. A bonus is that Fuji manages to be kid-friendly, and many of my friends have introduced their kids to Japanese food through regular dinners here.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant: Old Tower Block, Old No 10, New No 134, PasumponMuthuramalinga Thevar Rd, Nandanam Extension, Nandanam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035.

Call: 044 4211 2511

Meal for two: Rs 2,900



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