Fashion’s New Fundamentalists – Priyadarshini Vijay


They found their calling blogging about their sense of fashion and lifestyle – and they’ve gone on to become some of the biggest influencers in the fashion market in South India today. RITZ features some of South India’s most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers and finds out what exactly makes each one of them tick.

Blog traffic per week: 20k

instagram followers: 6,692

Do you feel South Indian bloggers are sidelined by top national designers and big-ticket international labels? And why is that?

Yes, I have always felt that there is a slight bias but, this is probably because most South Indian bloggers are not well initiated into the world of fashion. Some are still unaware of many brands that the market has to offer. Truth be told, we are behind our northern counterparts, but we are getting there.

What do you feel bloggers from Mumbai or Delhi possess as advantages over their South Indian counterparts?

The market in the North is much more vibrant than down South. And so labels, both national and international, are more open to setting up stores in either Delhi or Mumbai. They have the labels and thereby the opportunity.

There is criticism that fashion and beauty bloggers are far more exposed and knowledgeable in the north than here. Comment.

They are far more exposed, yes, but, knowledgeable, I wouldn’t say so. This could probably be because the idea of blogging caught on faster there. And of course, like I said the opportunities that they have, give them the edge

How lucrative is blogging even as a part time hobby? 

You could probably hit the jackpot or not make it anywhere; we bloggers live in a world of extremes. I started of blogging as a part time hobby but, then it worked really well for me – It was viable financially and I loved what I was doing.

Have you been part of mainstream campaigns by big brands to popularize their products/lines? Tell us about the experience.

I worked with Phoenix Marketcity for their denim festival. It feels good to work with such a large conglomerate rather than with individual brands because they allow you to work with multiple labels at the same time.

What are your future plans?

I am looking to take my blog to the next level, but you’ll have to wait to see what the next level is. I also plan on launching my own fashion line within the month. My primary goal is to give Chennai accessibility to high street fashion.

Priyadarshini (2)

Miroslava Duma has made a career out of her social media presence as the fashion blogger par excellence. Do you see some such figure emerging from India?

Why not? Of late, quite a few international brands have been working with Indian bloggers. I think the Indian fashion blogger community is focused on what has to be achieved. You never know, we may soon have a Miroslava Duma of our own.

How strongly are you influenced by Bollywood trends?

Bollywood starlets have set fashion goals for the fashion bloggers like me. Their sense of style is almost impeccable. I think it is fair to say, I admire their sense of style.

How do you understand what your readers/followers prefer or want?

I interact with my followers through social media to gauge reactions and expectations. Some of my readers even send me mails on what they would like to read in a subsequent post.

How do you keep yourself abreast of fashion trends, beauty trends etc.?

I love to read! I read a lot of fashion and beauty magazines and other blogs to keep track of the trends.

Who are your favourite bloggers and what sites do you visit for on-trend info?

I religiously follow a few bloggers like Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea and Wendy’s look book

Priyadarshini (1)

In an age that encourages the most unconventional career choices, do you see blogging emerging as a viable career option?

I certainly do! Blogging may have become this ‘mainstream hobby’ but only the truly passionate can succeed, as it takes a lot of time and effort. I would suggest that you consider blogging as a career only if you are really passionate about fashion and writing.

What names are you most often seen wearing?

Zara (I was ecstatic when one opened in Chennai a few years ago), Veromoda and Intish by Chintya which is my favorite when it comes to Indo-western



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