Greater Chennai Corporation issues notice to owner of dogs that bit child


The Greater Chennai Corporation has issued a notice to the owner of the two Rottweilers that bit a 5 year old girl in a park at Thousand Lights on Sunday. According to  Corporation Commissioner J.Radhakrishnan, the owner did not obtain a pet licence from the corporation and said that an enquiry will be held on whether the dogs were vaccinated or not at the earliest.

The pet owners only obtained a licence from the Kennel club of India. The rottweilers belong to the banned ferocious dogs as listed by the Central government recently.
After the recent mauling incident in the park, the GCC has implemented stricter regulations concerning pets, especially dogs in public spaces.
According to the revised rules, the pets have to be leashed and muzzled when inside public parks. A pet licence has been made obligatory and only one pet can be brought to the park at a time.


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