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They found their calling blogging about their sense of fashion and lifestyle – and they’ve gone on to become some of the biggest influencers in the fashion market in South India today. RITZ features some of South India’s most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers and finds out what exactly makes each one of them tick.

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Do you feel South Indian bloggers are sidelined by top national designers and big-ticket international labels? And why is that?

It is true that we bloggers from the south don’t get the same exposure as other bloggers from cities in the north or west. This maybe because when it comes to fashion, Chennai or any other southern city is still growing and learning about the field. However, bloggers from cities in the north have established themselves well in this fashion industry.


What do you feel bloggers from Mumbai or Delhi possess as advantages over their South Indian counterparts?

They have better exposure when it comes to fashion. Not only do they have bigger and better brands than we do but, they also have the market and demand for them. I think people here in Chennai like to keep it simple, but that is changing now. 

There is criticism that fashion and beauty bloggers are far more exposed and knowledgeable in the north than here. Comment.

I got my degree in fashion communication and styling from Pune and I followed through only because I was passionate about it. If you are truly interested in something, nothing can stop you from educating yourself about it. It is an advantage to be open to new ideas and travelling to learn. Luckily, I get the chance to do that.


How lucrative is blogging even as a part time hobby?

It can get hard. But for me it has become more than a hobby, I make sure I take time out from my other job and give my blog the time it deserves. My blog is what has shaped me as a person, so it doesn’t seem like a task. It is a dream job of sorts. I make money dressing up, what could be better?


Have you been part of mainstream campaigns by big brands to popularise their products/lines? Tell us about the experience.

Yes, I have been a part of quite a few brand campaigns. However, responsibilities are different when it comes to campaigning for big brands. Everything is set up ahead of time for photo shoots, the planning is almost flawless. But even then, there may have to be a couple of changes during the shoot sometimes. Then again, I love what I do so it is more like a fun day rather than a job.

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What are your future plans?

As of now I am looking to diversify my line from just t-shirts and introduce a line of bags. When it comes to the blog, I will keep doing what I do and try to become better at it.


Miroslava Duma has made a career out of her social media presence as the fashion blogger par excellence. Do you see some such figure emerging from India?

Definitely. A lot of bloggers from Mumbai and Delhi are already pretty big in India and are being recognised extensively. India is next in line and is sure to strike it big in fashion.


How strongly are you influenced by Bollywood trends?

Not too much, honestly. I follow the trends I like and am mainly influenced by international bloggers and big designers.


How do you understand what your readers/followers prefer or want?

With around 20,000 followers, I have made a small Simply Moda family for myself. My readers directly tell me what they are looking for or if they like or dislike something I have posted. I take their comments seriously and work accordingly to give them something new every time.


How do you keep yourself abreast of fashion trends, beauty trends etc.?

Like I said it is all about how passionate you are about your work. I love following fashion bloggers and designers to get an idea of the various fashion trends that are in vogue. I read a lot about new trends online and fashion magazines are my bible.

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Who are your favourite bloggers and what sites do you visit for on-trend info?

My favourite bloggers are Negin Mirsalehi, Luana and others; I also visit Pantone for colour trends and follow fashion magazines for fashion trends.


In an age that encourages the most unconventional career choices, do you see blogging emerging as a viable career option?

I think so. Blogging has already created a buzz in India.  And I am glad that people are choosing this path and trying their hand at something different. It makes me happy when girls ask me I started my blog and then help them create something of their own too.


What are your favourite brands?

I have a lot of favourites. When it comes to high end brands they are Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch. And the rest like H&M, Zara and Nishka Lulla.


What names are you most often seen wearing?

H&M, Zara, Koovs, Forever 21

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