Fashion’s New Fundamentalists – Shalini Chopra


They found their calling blogging about their sense of fashion and lifestyle – and they’ve gone on to become some of the biggest influencers in the fashion market in South India today. RITZ features some of South India’s most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers and finds out what exactly makes each one of them tick.


Following: More than 2,00,000 readers per month

Facebook –  2,00,000

Instagram – ~ 30,000

Twitter – 6,000

Do you feel South Indian bloggers are sidelined by top national designers and big-ticket international labels?

I don’t think so. If you are a blogger par excellence people will find you, even if you are living under a rock.

What do you feel bloggers from Mumbai or Delhi possess as advantages over their South Indian counterparts?

Mumbai and Delhi are mature markets for fashion brands. Hence, most of the brands prefer to capture these cities as potential marketplaces.

There is criticism that fashion and beauty bloggers are far more exposed and knowledgeable in the north than here. Comment.

Nothing that I have come across. However, that may be my personal experience. In terms of knowledge, it is your skills and experience that matter the most, irrespective of your working zones.

How lucrative is blogging?

Most of the brands today are aware and sorted about Digital Media, which was not the scenario a few years back.

Hence, blogging helps fetch you bread and butter.

Have you been part of mainstream campaigns by big brands to popularise their products/lines? Tell us about it.

Yes, I have participated in a lot of these campaigns and I must say, I enjoyed being a part of them. I experienced new things and adventures that I never thought I would try otherwise.

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Miroslava Duma has made a career out of her social media presence as the fashion blogger par excellence. Do you see some such figure emerging from India?

Of course, India is emerging as the new Digital sensation.

How strongly are you influenced by Bollywood trends?

Bollywood is a major trendsetter in India. Since, I love following fashion trends, I try to adopt them in my day to day life.

However, I do not follow trends blindly. I take into consideration my body type and comfort before adopting a trend.

How do you keep yourself abreast of fashion trends, beauty trends etc.?

I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. It could be movies, fashion magazines, nature or Bollywood.

In an age that encourages the most unconventional career choices, do you see blogging emerging as a viable career option?

Tough to claim that. One must be competitive and adaptable to the market scenario nowadays.

There are many bubbles bursting, you see!

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What are your favourite brands?

ZARA, Mango, Forever New, Vero Moda

What names are you most often seen wearing?

Same as above since they are my favourites!




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