A Haven Of Contrasts


It isn’t often that a home is designed around a view and a swimming pool. But that’s exactly what businesswoman Nina Reddy of Savera Hotels has done. She wanted a pool facing the beach, hence taking that specification into account her team of architects came up with a plan to design this stunning beach house with a perfect view and even more perfect pool and poolside expereince. We explore this fabulous space.

“I wanted a home with a pool that faced the beach,” tells owner Nina Reddy. With its beautifully tiled cabanas, white sun loungers and spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal, the swimming pool is most definitely the highlight of the Reddy home. With a flight of stairs leading from the poolside to the upper level of the house, the elaborate deck on that level is the perfect spot for an evening party or for just hanging out with friends.

Cinema time in the Reddy home spells huge couches, facing a giant television screen. One wall of the room that faces the pool has been made entirely of glass.

Walk in through the main doors of the house and you’re welcomed by a beautiful square swing. Each room in the house is decorated differently, in styles ranging from modern to contemporary and slightly ethnic. While each room is decorated in one single colour, there are pops of brighter shades that act as accents, thereby breaking the monotony of the colour palette. “In the living room for example, we’ve added a touch of life to the predominantly white decor by using red accent couches.”

nina reddy 12

Then there are lime green cushions on basket-like chairs doing the same thing. “You’ll also find little elements like a sprig of brightly coloured heliconia that stand out against the stark wall behind it,” explains the proud owner.

A patio wraps around one side of the house, offering the perfect ocean view for anyone who wants to relax there with a book or a cup of coffee. Nina is famous for hosting elaborate get-togethers at these fantastically planned spaces in her home. She says, “I have put in a lot of effort into making this house perfect. I’ve concentrated on detailing and every piece you see in the house has been hand-picked to suit it.”

nina reddy 3

The use of a combination of tiles for flooring, as well as wood panels, lend the interiors with a muted blend of earthy tones and sleek finishing. The insides are decked with modern bits of art, even some massive prints of movie stills in black and white that adorn the walls of the media room. Then there’s the solid bamboo furniture, so different in its aesthetic appeal adding a glam touch to the room with its wooden ceiling.

Hints of vintage decor are visible in the old window shutters strategically placed behind the dining table. There’s also the poolside cabana and the gazebo on the deck, both made of antique wooden pillars with a tiled roof. Many of the statues and curios used to decorate the home are also made of varieties of wood. “All the pieces in the house are handpicked from different places to get the exact look I was striving for; some of them even have story to tell,” says Nina.

nina reddy 16

Ranging from modern to antique, white to black, glass to wood, including contrasts like marble and teak… there’s something unique in every part of the Reddy home. “It’s not just a home I wanted to create, but an experience,” tells the proud owner, walking us through this haven of textures and contrasts that appeal to every possible aesthetic sense that a person could possess.



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