5 Celebrities Who Played Nurse In Tamil Cinema


There is no profession like being a nurse and we have to thank nurses for their selfless service. They are natural caretakers and during this lockdown, it’s our doctors and nurses who strive hard to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s looking at a list of who played the nurse in Tamil cinema.


In Remo Siva disguises himself as a nurse, going by the name of ‘Remo’ and takes up a job in the same hospital where Kavya (Keerthy Suresh) is a doctor, only to woo and win his lady love. He succeeds in his plan and they end up happily together. 

Sri Divya

In Kaaki Satti, Sri Divya as Divya works as a nurse in a hospital and she falls in love with Siva who is a cop. Meanwhile, there is an organ trafficking going and many people go missing, with her help, he finds out about an illegal organ donation racket orchestrated by Durai Arasan, a politician, and Dr. Devasagayam, who is the chairman of the hospital where Divya works. He hunts down all of them involved in the crime and saves the people.


In Massu Engira Masilamani, Nayanthara as Malini plays a nurse who falls for Massu (Suriya). She leaves him after discovering he was cheating people but later after knowing his good deeds reconciles with him and helps him in his endeavors. 


In Engaeyum Eppothum, Anjali plays Manimegalai a nurse who falls for Kathiresan. Manimegalai is bold and forthcoming; she agrees to his love and orders him around mercilessly. In a bus accident, Kathiresan dies and his body is taken away by Manimegalai and his grieving parents.


In Paarthale Paravasam, Sneha plays nurse Chella who is an attractive woman who falls for her doctor Madhavan and they decide to get married but she ends up marrying Vivek. In a scene, a patient who is completely bent comes to the hospital complaining he couldn’t stand up straight, for which Vivek calls in Sneha and the patient comes to the normal position only to see the nurse’s face.  



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