World’s longest bus route

An Australian Tour Company established the world’s longest bus route in 1968 that covered India, Australia and UK. The bus affectionately called ‘Albert’ set on it’s maiden journey on 8 October 1968 from Martin Place in Sydney, Australia and returned on 17 February 1969. It made 15 trips and 10 out of those 15 trips was between Calcutta and London.
There were 5 stops for the bus in India- New Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Benaras and Calcutta. The bus had plenty of luxury to offer. There was a separate dining lounge, an observation deck and individual beds. It also had a heating and a music system which could play the radio and tapes too. The floors were carpet lined. The ticket fare from London to Calcutta was 145 British pounds and the fare from Sydney to London was double the amount. Though it was quite exorbitant, it was considered as be a luxurious adventure.


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