Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Talks About The Importance Of Breaking Stereotypes


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has always been quite vocal about social issues including animal welfare and domestic abuse. She wrote a long note about the importance of supporting women and breaking stereotypes by sharing different illustrations that depicted women in different versions.

She wrote, “Totally loved these images… we need to understand that just because something was the way before doesn’t mean it’s the way now.. every single women is allowed to live her life how she wants and as a society it’s our job to accept who she is and stop comparing her to what people think an established woman should be like..every woman in her own way has her own struggle, only she knows the pain she goes through to get where she is.. Be kind .. Be supportive… Stop comparing..stop patronising.. No one is perfect.. no one should be perfect.. it’s the imperfections that make us a perfect version of ourselves.. We have just one life.. LIVE IT..To all you ladies out there breaking stereotypes and to all you women out there living your lives exactly the way you want it.. be it a house wife, a mother, a working woman .. More power to you all..”



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