Woman from UP drowns kids

A woman from Uttar Pradesh threw all her 5 children into the Ganges river after an altercation with her husband. She too jumped into the river but is said to have changed her mind at the last moment and she swam back to the shore. It is said that she asked her husband for money for domestic expenses and when he refused to give her the money, an altercation broke out and the woman took all her 5 kids aged 3, 6, 8, 10 and 12 years and pushed them into the river.
It is believed that all the children drowned. Some locals who were working in the fields nearby, immediately rushed to rescue the children but they did not succeed. A District Magistrate and a Superintendent of Police rushed to the spot and sent two teams of divers to search for the children but they were not successful. According to the locals, the woman was not of sound mind. However her husband refuted this allegation and said that she was mentally fit and feigned ignorance about the reason for his wife taking such an extreme step.


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