The Story Behind The Global Helpdesk


Ritu Grover, Founder & CEO, TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt Ltd, a positive visionary woman, who only knows how to grow as an entrepreneur, soon to be author, is the pioneer in the Indian Facility Management industry. She started her company “TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt Ltd, (TGH)” 19 years back with her own savings. Today, The Global Helpdesk has 10 offices catering to more than 400 companies and thriving with a motivated and focused team of over 1000 professionals, which has one similar objective – achieving better results than yesterday!

While taking up new and harder challenges everyday as an entrepreneur, Ritu feels helping employees get a better work-life balance creates a positive atmosphere in office. With a solid experience in the area of administrative outsourcing solutions, Ritu established an empire which successfully provides services to more than 400 top MNC’s & companies across India. The Global Helpdesk works for programs and lifestyle management solutions to both corporate houses and residential estates.

A graduate from New York School of Interior Design, Ritu never preferred working under a boss. Her Hunger for entrepreneurship became her guiding force and in 1998, she conceptualised The Global Helpdesk. Over the course of 19 years, she has bagged many awards as an entrepreneur, Appreciation award by CNBC and AMEX in 2009, Valued Partner Award by Wipro in 2008 and 2009. Her Expertise lies in Facility management, Concierge Services, Mailroom Management, Expat Management and Rewards & Recognitions – Optimising Costs & Productivity because of which she is a force to reckon with in Facility Management industry today. Her greatest strength on the way has been her parents. The company over the years has expanded rapidly and plans to be the number one facilities management company in the country and open its offices internationally.

  1. Where did you study? How did the idea of Global Helpdesk come about?

I completed my Interior Design course from Delhi and pursued my Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. When I was working as an interior designer, I had undertaken turnkey projects. Tight deadlines and odd working hours were making it difficult for me to balance my work life and that is when I realised that like me there would be many employees who were not able to balance their work and personal life. They had bills to pay and occasions to attend but were in their offices working on their Excel sheets. That’s when it struck me. A service partner to take care of their needs – that’s what they needed. And that’s precisely when TGH was started. Once I had the idea, it took some time to conceptualise how we wanted everything to be. A team was formed. Slowly and gradually we got our first few clients and the rest is history!

  1. What were the challenges initially? How did you overcome them?

Thanks to a good team, the challenges have always been taken care of very well. I remember this one time a client needed a limited-edition Mont Blanc pen which was sold out everywhere. She wanted to gift it to her husband on his birthday and there was no way we could let her down. Our team of experts reached out to German retailers and got her what she wanted. Being a woman entrepreneur in a patriarchal society, there certainly have been challenges due to stereotypical views but with a strong team and an even better supporting family, I overcame it all.

  1. What have been the highpoints of your journey so far?

As cheesy as it sounds, seeing a smile on my client’s face when they get that parcel they’ve been waiting for or a surprise gift from their better half, that’s what makes me and my team the happiest. Needless to say, that’s our main achievement. Hence, we’ve had countless highpoints!

  1. Is it tough in an area dominated by men?

As a women entrepreneur in a patriarchal society like ours, it’s difficult to come up initially. However, is it impossible? It’s not. Since time immemorial, men have been leading the service industry. To be more empowered and successful not just in the work space but also in their personal lives, women need to take charge. From my mother, I picked up certain qualities like time management, determination and persistence. I believe these are what will help us break the glass ceiling. Take constructive criticism from those who’ve constructed something in their own lives but block out any and all negativity that you receive in the process. Focus on what you are doing and be the best at it!

  1. How do you maintain a work life balance?

While we help others maintain their work-life balance, we need to make sure ours is intact! Personally speaking, I make sure I spend quality time with my family and have fruitful conversations. Every week, my daughter takes it as a ritual to remind me we have to go out to eat. What’s essential to understand is that you need to take time out for yourself, your hobbies, your family and whatever else it is that you want to do. There’s more to life than work and taking conscious steps towards a healthy balance is the need.

  1. How do you take out time for your book? What can we look forward to from the book?

Writing has always been my passion and once I’m back from office I make it a point to write a little bit every day. Sometimes my daughter and I take a staycation. When it’s so peaceful, I can easily get in the flow and write effortlessly. “Thank God It’s Monday” is a one of a kind book in which you’ll discover how YOU can optimize and 10X your productivity at your workplace. It will take you through the journey of various CEOs and CXOs of Fortune 500 companies, so you can learn how they ensured productivity, engagement, and motivation of their employees in their respective organizations.

  1. What are your future plans?

TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd. is growing exponentially and we plan on diversifying internationally with offices in Sydney, London and Singapore in the coming years. On the personal front, I want to give more time to my hobby that is golf. This year is going to be all about that!



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