Creating a New Foodscape: Deepa Shri Rajan


There is a great reverence in the art of cooking and presentation and most restaurants and pubs are innovating new ways to please the palate with nouvelle cuisine, giving the classic dishes and cocktails a welcome twist. Adding to the camaraderie and celebration of various cuisines are food bloggers and influencers, who have emerged with their robust content and visual presentation, luring food lovers far and wide with their huge outreach. The city’s obsession with food is clearly on the rise. Eating is a multi-sensory experience and the blogger brigade is using enticing ways to cash in on how you eat with your eyes. Even research suggests that it is our eyes that lead the way and our tongues merely follow. NAMITA GUPTA meets some of Bengaluru’s top food bloggers and influencers who’re doing their bit to spread the word to the ardent foodies on the lookout for spanking new hotspots to dine in and lounge at.

Name of your blog?
For a food blogger, the name is everything. Stashing up little precious things that’s close to my heart has been my habit. “The Crumb Stash” means stashing up precious food experiences and preserving every morsel of exquisite food I come across wherever I travel. Hence “The Crumb Stash”.

One thing you love about cooking and eating?
There is nothing more amazing than the love one has for food. Cooking to me is like meditation. I find myself being one with food and creating an gastronomical experience that others appreciate is something I love about cooking. There are few things in life which would truly make or break a person. Eating and serving delicious food at the end of a hectic day can even awake a broken to a fully inspired soul.

How important are photographs and knowledge of food for food bloggers?
It’s always important to have a distinct personality for your Blog/Instagram feed and the best food photographs can help showcase it in a meaningful way. Absolutely lip-smacking and drool worthy food pics that makes people double tap a pic in your Instagram feed or adding a punch of glam to your content makes it a delectable looking blog that’s a welcome sight for any of your readers. Creating content on food experiences is certainly not a cake walk. Your knowledge about food portrays the confidence you create on your content, So, before posting a pic that whips up the desires in your followers to go grab it, doing a research on that cuisine whatever you are exploring is important. Interview the brands, understand the core theme, some on-ground trends and develop the content along with your research to create quality content. This makes you grow as a reliable food blogger with a good reach and that knowledge will inspire people to break their shells, come out and explore various delicacies around them.

An interesting experience as a food blogger?
Winning a prize from Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar for the second time at the World On A Plate, 2018 for winning the quiz. It means a lot and I would cherish it forever.

What do you do other than food blogging? How lucrative is it being a food blogger?
I’m a hospitality consultant apart from being a food blogger. Food blogging is lucrative but getting there is quite a long term process. Keep following your passion, keep writing good content, be consistent and keep posting the best. Brands with similar values will definitely connect.



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