Creating a New Foodscape: Dushyant Chillale


There is a great reverence in the art of cooking and presentation and most restaurants and pubs are innovating new ways to please the palate with nouvelle cuisine, giving the classic dishes and cocktails a welcome twist. Adding to the camaraderie and celebration of various cuisines are food bloggers and influencers, who have emerged with their robust content and visual presentation, luring food lovers far and wide with their huge outreach. The city’s obsession with food is clearly on the rise. Eating is a multi-sensory experience and the blogger brigade is using enticing ways to cash in on how you eat with your eyes. Even research suggests that it is our eyes that lead the way and our tongues merely follow. NAMITA GUPTA meets some of Bengaluru’s top food bloggers and influencers who’re doing their bit to spread the word to the ardent foodies on the lookout for spanking new hotspots to dine in and lounge at.

Name of your blog?
BUTTERTHEORY. I just love butter a lot, so I was thinking of blog names with butter. Butter theory is when we toss a slice of bread in the air, it always falls with the buttered side down.

One thing you love about cooking and eating?
I enjoy cooking seafood at home. I just love eating Mexican food and my favourite restaurant is Sanchez.

How important are photographs and knowledge of food for food bloggers?
I spend a lot of time clicking and editing pictures to post on my blog. I believe people now have time only to scroll past images and only stop at good images to read the content around it. Instagram is here to stay! Knowledge of food is very important for bloggers as they interact with chefs and are usually the first set of neutral critics that could help restaurants tweak their dishes.

An interesting experience as a food blogger?
I’ve always wanted to understand how a restaurant dishes out tens of orders to their guests without making mistakes. So, I always enjoy the privilege of a kitchen tour by the chef to get a firsthand experience!

What else do you do? How lucrative is it being a food blogger?
I’m a software engineering manager at a leading startup called Postman. If you have the right mix of contacts and stellar engagement rates, you could go a long way in becoming one of the trusted influencers for brands to pay you a great fee for collaboration! I’d say one could make anywhere between 7-15K INR per engagement, depending on your reach.



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