Let’s Get Brewing


The Beer House Cafe, a beer paradise that currently has an outlet at Indirapuram Habitat Centre in Ghaziabad, plans to open outlets in Gurgaon and Noida, targeting the niche market focusing on guest satisfaction and unique delivery of service.

The founder Yudhveer Singh said, “The desire for classic gastronomy and a strong influence of our fellow travelers pushed me to voice my passion by projecting some of the world-renowned beer brands in our little space that we fondly call a beer paradise.”

“When I decided to start a restaurant, I realized that there should be a place where everyone can hang out without much fuss. So, I took a step forward to come up with the idea to bring a lot more experience under one roof. So here we are, with Beer House Café having an affordable lounge bar, pub, and fine dining, under one roof, where people of all age groups can enjoy,” he added.

So how did it all come up? He stated that starting a food business was as easy as making a pie, but getting into an already-crowded market had become really convoluted nowadays. “I do not remember as such a mistake that we committed while drafting a plan for the restaurant. What happens is, when you plan a restaurant, the investment is too high to afford any mistake. Just as the right ingredients are needed to produce a nice and quality bottle of beer, one needs the right location, and it is important to target the right audience.” Singh said.

Taking about his venture, he said, “As I told you, I aimed to choose a decent place, as it really matters when you plan to start a restaurant which is not only fine dining but also a combination of a lounge bar and pub. It needs to attract the right amount of footfall.” He added that Beer House Café attracted 200-250 people each weekday, and it doubled during weekends. “So, the average per month footfall is between 20,000 and 22,000,” he stated.

So what diners prefer? Singh informed that the Beer House Cafe takes customers’ meaty, juicy cravings filled with Indian spicy taste buds to another level along with a perfect collection of beer. “Here, you can definitely have your favorite beverage, but beware, you will fall in love with the amazing recipes of different types of cuisine. It is not just popular for non-vegetarian dishes, but it is a good hangout place for vegetarians also. You will get all the branded alcoholic drinks that one can easily chill out with,” stated Singh.

The menu includes the Tandoori Stuffed Aloo, Soya Tandoori Tikka, Veg Seekh Kebab, and plenty more. However, special in the Continental starters – the beer-battered fish – will certainly help the Indian taste-buds to experience more.



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