The Artisans’ Pop Up


The makers, craft and heritage behind handmade products are just as beautiful as the product itself. The stories of these beautiful products and the hands behind them need to be told. Ziba By Hand brings The Artisans’ Pop Up, an initiative to bring together artisans and designers under one roof and set up a spread of beautifully curated, handmade jewellery, shoes, bags, clothes, artifacts and much more. They bring to you a variety of artisans from the remotest corners of India. Some of the prominent designers to look out for are- The Tamarind Chutney, Kantha by Farah Khan, Okhai, Adra, House of Wasabi, Madhurima Bhattacharjee, Kookoo shop, Risham Jewellery, Bunavat Weaves, Gayatri Navyatta, Khara Kapas, Chowdhrain Shop Ziddi and The Kaatn Trail.
Mark your calendars to experience an exclusive collection of sustainable fashion and decor- all handcrafted with love and made in India! The epitome of India lies in the art and craft, which symbolises the culture, tradition and societal values. Indian handicraft industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries of India. It provides employment to nearly 67 lakh artisans and is one of the important suppliers of Handicraft to the world markets. But handicraft is also the largest unorganised industry, wherein the artisans do not get the right worth for their products and lack uniformity in building their brands.

This gave birth to Ziba By Hand- The Artisans’ Pop Up by Ila Kapoor Chadda, to bring together artisans and designers under one roof in a physical space. Ila Kapoor Chadda, left her job of 15 years with IBM to follow her passion for handmade goods and provide a voice to creative entrepreneurs and small businesses run by women. Her goal is to take this platform which provides genuine customers who appreciate the hard work of these artists.
The intention of the event is to promote Indian art, handicraft, sustainable fashion and organic lifestyle choices to a discerning audience that values sustainability and artisanal design. The event is themed on Ziba By Hand’s philosophy of promoting handmade and “Made in India”. They curate small boutique designers and craftsmen who use traditional Indian craft and textile in a modern way creating sustainable fashion and decor while bringing back the rich heritage of Indian art and handloom. They are trying to explore how traditional techniques are finding expression in a cross-cultural contemporary aesthetic. They partner with a careful selection of designers and artisans to ensure they provide them with a fair platform to help them grow their web stores as well as participate in pop-ups and events. Over the years they have presented entrepreneurial slow design studios, independent designers, sustainable design companies, ethnic art & craft clusters, artists, food artisans and art & craft businesses from all across India.
When: 20th & 21st December 2019, 11am to 7pm.
Where: Raintree, Sankey Road, Bengaluru.




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