The all new Bhima Jewellery Ad is winning hearts !


The ad features a trans woman’s journey that breaks all stereotypes

“Pennaayal Ponnu Venam” meaning ‘if you are a girl, you must wear gold’ has been Bhima’s tagline for the longest time. But now, changing with the times, Bhima has come out with an all new ad that changes its tag line to ‘Pure as Love’. It features a trans woman’s journey, more importantly her family’s acceptance of her choices. The ad definitely breaks all stereotypes and is winning hearts across the internet. What is interesting is that the protagonist in the ad is 22-year-old trans woman Meera Singhania Rehani which makes the ad more realistic.

Though there have been critics who think that Bhima is cashing in on the trans community, many have come out in support of Bhima and have praised them for their inclusiveness. Parvathy Thiruvoth posted, “So Immensely touched ! Great Job Bhima Jewellery official!”

Watch the ad below:



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