Beauty queen reunites with family after 21 long years


For Miss Universe Canada 2021, Nova Stevens, it was a dream come true as she reunited with her family after 21 years. She took to Instagram to express her feelings. She wrote “Words can’t explain how I feel right now. I’ll try my best to express all these emotions I’m currently embodying. It has taken me 21 years to reunite with my family. Being separated and living alone without my family has not been easy for me; neither has it been for them. My strength comes from my family.”

Her parents sent her away to Canada in order to safeguard her life and future but though they were apart for so many years, the bond never faded. Nova had a bittersweet feeling meeting her family She had mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Happiness because she finally got to see them but sadness to see the conditions they were living in.
Nova who is both bold and beautiful is a reflection of her mother and said she was short of words to describe how incredible, strong and beautiful her mother is. Her mother got out of the United Nations camp in January 2021 after being stuck there for 8 years due to the conflict in South Sudan. Nova stated that it was a miracle for her mother to make it out alive from there. She believes that it was God who brought her mother out and also brought her back to her family. Nova thanked everyone who was instrumental in making her dream come true.



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