‘Smile From Within’ launches its Centres and Outreach program


Pearls Dentistry  – ‘Smile From Within’ launches its Centres and Outreach program

Pearls Dentistry -“Smile from within” state of the art dental care clinics launched at Town Hall, Residency Towers, T Nagar on Saturday, 28 November 2015. The function was presided by Dr.J.Radhakrishnan I.A.S, Secretary to Government, Health and Family Welfare Department and Guests of Honour Prof Dr Mohan Kameswaran and Dr Anita Ratnam.

Backed by over 15 years of clinical experience Dr B Arunkumar and Dr Sandhya Arunkumar join hands with Dr Aparna Chitharanjan to create Pearls Dentistry – Smile from Within. Pearls Dentistry provides state of the art dental care in good clean hygienic clinics at an affordable price.

The enterprise intents to create awareness of the most current dental treatment that is available through their clinics and via social media networking so as to reach as many people as possible. Through its existing 7 clinics spread across chennai at R. A Puram, Mylapore, Thiruvanmayur, Ashok nagar, Nanganallur, T Nagar and Mogappair Pearls Dentistry truly provides comprehensive dental solutions to their guests in terms of quality and cost of treatment.

Pearls Dentistry clinics are open from Monday through Saturday between 10AM and 8PM. Equipped with in-house dentists, technicians and assistants Pearls Dentistry provides immediate dental care with state the of the art equipment including full mouth X-ray machines. Apart from in house dentists Pearls Dentistry has a panel of specialists on call to provide an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan through video conferencing. Pearls Dentistry is extremely active with its social media networking providing immense valuable information on its facebook page www.facebook.com/pearlsdentistry which is freely available to everyone.

As it took shape, Pearls Dentistry realized that there is a huge section of our population that needs comprehensive dental treatment who are unable to either access it, afford or unaware of it. Pearls Dentistry also conducts Pearls – Gift a Smile outreach program to make Tamil Nadu dental caries free. The outreach program aims to identify people who require dental care and treat them either at the clinics or take the treatment to them through mobile dental units or work with the government and rural health care providers and set up dental units.

Pearl Dentistry’s corporate social responsibility program Pearls – Gift a Smile will provide free of cost treatment. Pearls Dentistry will be pledging a portion of their revenue towards Pearls – Gift a Smile. They are also reaching out to corporate and generous donors to take the dream forward. Pearl Dentistry appeals to individuals and corporates to truly “Gifting a Smile” to someone less fortunate.

Over the past year Pearls Dentistry have collaborated with 4 organizations that is doing yeomen services for the less fortunate. Pearls Dentistry is proud to collaborate with AID INDIA, WOW- Win or Win Consulting, Equitas and Freedom trust.

Pearls Dentistry can be contacted at 044-24351004 and 044-43581004.

Website: www.pearlsdentistry.com 



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