Smell of Confidence


A perfume is the olfactory manifestation of your tastes and preferences. It speaks volumes about you. People identify you with the fragrance you wear. It becomes a personal statement because every person is known by or attracted to a distinct smell. It could be of someone you know or like to be known. It could mean that your favourite perfume may remind of your glamorous aunt or someone from your past. There is no way to undo that. But what exactly makes a scent unforgettable that can revive faded memories?
To understand that, one must explore the world of fragrances. “The recipe” as perfumers would call it. A good perfume has layers of fragrances where a combination of notes and blends change through the life of the perfume. The first whiff—that lemony or floral fragrance—is the top note. It then travels into the heart notes—the real deal of the perfume—which encapsulates the true essence of the perfume and lasts the longest. Then comes the base note which makes you smell fresh even hours after the sun has set. Every fragrance has a peculiar effect on one’s mood. It may vary from one person to another. For example; a lot of English floral blends like lavender, jasmine, rose etc are known to have a relaxing effect. They emanate a certain delicacy and softness makes one calm. On the other hand, aquatic and green blends are known to re-energise your senses. It all depends what you are in the mood for.

House of Yardley has acquired an iconic status with its English Lavender. Having catered to the royals and celebrities, Yardley has cast its spell all over the world. Queen Mary wore Yardley English Lavender—the longest living brand—and the British monarchy has issued six royal warrants to Yardley over the last eight decades. Marilyn Monroe once famously told a reporter, “Let’s say I sleep in nothing but Yardley’s English Lavender.” What makes it widely used is the fact that it has remained consistent with the times without losing it heart notes. The lavender essence is carefully picked from lavender plant cultivated in sun-drenched Kent in England by the same family of Yardley farmers for generations. That’s one way to look at how Yardley’s English Lavender unlocks a multitude of memories.
So, when Yardley of London was given the brief to create a fragrance for “working women” in India, the perfumer had to uphold the brand prestige and create a new and unique fusion fragrance that would resonate with the women from the modern era. It took inspiration from the very person it intended to cater to: The Modern Indian Woman—a perfect amalgamation of beauty, confidence and elegance. It was important for Yardley to know how a modern woman expresses herself. Therefore, the House of Yardley created a contemporary range of four daily wear perfumes made from a unique blend of finest floral fragrances and are crafted to last through the day. The colour palette was selected to set the tone for the season in elegant lavender, yellow, pink and aqua blue. Each daily wear perfume was given distinct top, heart and base notes to complement the modern woman when she’s travelling or leading a business meeting or out on a romantic evening. Yardley picked the finest ingredients to make each fragrance unique much like the woman wearing it. There’s nothing like the smell of confidence.
Image credits: Aradhana Acharya and Mini Singhai.



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