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Melorra is set to revolutionise shopping for gold with its brick-and-mortar store launch. Melorra, India’s fastest growing lightweight fine jewellery brand designing affordable jewellery for everyday wear, recently launched its first brick-and-mortar store in Orion Mall, Rajajinagar Bangalore.

The women-centric jewellery ‘experience centre’ for millennials is fresh and fun, driven by Melorra’s three pillars – fashion, technology and variety. The launch was attended by Siddharth Talwar, Co-Founder and Partner at Lightbox, Sandeep Murthy, Partner at Lightbox and Nirupa Shankar, Executive Director, Brigade Group. Built in line with the online experience that Melorra currently offers, the physical outlets are unique, fresh, and iconic. The brand aims to enhance a customer’s sense of touch, feel and trial of Melorra jewellery, through the experience centre.

Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO, Melorra, states, “Melorra’s journey in the jewellery world has been completely unique in every respect. From online to offline, the launch of the retail stores will provide a seamless, customer-in-control experience. We are a brand taking inspiration from global fashion trends, and launch a new collection every week. Melorra is known for its design innovation offering customers easy to wear, comfortable everyday jewellery. We offer the largest range of over 10000 unique, contemporary, lightweight gold and diamond jewellery designs. At our physical stores, customers can shop worry free with the option of a digital checkout. They walk in not just to buy jewellery, but also to get informed about global fashion trends. There is a Bliss Bar wherein women can get along their friends, have fun trying Melorra’s latest jewellery or just go through the recent trends.”

Functionally, the stores are designed for any of the many journeys a customer may choose to adopt: shop online pick up in store; shop in store ship to home and everything in between. Melorra warmly welcomes their customers with beautiful full-length mirrors and in-store stylists available as advisors and consultants, enabling the woman to build her fashionable fine jewellery wardrobe. The brand aims to give its customers a high-energy and high-fashion experience – with the physical stores becoming a super happy place to be!

Melorra has been a disruptor in the jewellery industry since it started operations in 2016. The brand is redefining the way fine jewellery is being perceived and worn. So far, Melorra has delivered to over 1900 towns in the country and made its mark everywhere – from villages with a population of less than 10,000 to cities with population above 1 million. Melorra recently raised US $12.50 mn in an oversubscribed funding round led by Symphony Asia (one of Asia’s first private equity firms), Lightbox Ventures, Alteria Capital and other leading family offices. The brand has been recording accelerated growth in order value and numbers ever since the lockdown was lifted.

Melorra is the fastest growing fine jewellery brand in India. In operations since May 2016, Melorra creates unique pieces in sync with global fashion trends that are fun, easy to wear and crafted to blend with everyday use cases. It is available on desktop, iOS and Android, and on a mobile responsive site. With 180 employees currently, Melorra plans to invest in marketing and experience centers to cater to the growing customers.



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