On International Lipstick Day, discover a world of lip colours and trends!


Check Out latest colours and trends on Amazon Beauty’s Lipstick Day Store

Would you like glossy, luscious, transfer proof or matte?  On International Lipstick Day, celebrated on July 29th, choose your style from an array of shades, textures and types of lip colours on Amazon Beauty’s Lip Makeup Store. You get to choose from amazing options ranging from specially crafted combos and offers with up to 50% off on bestsellers. With a range of lipsticks that resonate with different personalities and styles through the decades, the store includes lipsticks from brands like Biotique, Colorbar, Daughter Earth, Faces Canada, KIRO, L.A. Colors, Lakme, Maybelline, MyGlamm and Wet n Wild among others. Here are few trends that Amazon Beauty recommends. 

Team Crimson Forever! – Long Live The Statement Lip

This classic colour palette will never go out of style. The undertones give you a colour and finish that has an instant skin-brightening effect. This shade is best paired with fresh, dewy skin and neatly groomed brows. 


Berry Stained Lips – Spun Of Chic Simple 

A base with a little colour on the lips making an illusion that you’ve just bitten into the most delicious, juicy berries is an all time winner. Sport it with a sweep of bronze eye shadow and a slick of mascara. 

Nude-Y Neutrals – Minimal Look Expert

This look is an everyday favourite. Whether in transfer-proof matte or a cream base versatile neutrals work beautifully with smokey eyes and highlighted cheekbones.


Red & Orange Love – Two-Toned Magic

Red and orange tones are classy and universal. From light make-up with bold lips or a full bold make-up look, these tones  have the ability to take any occasion to the next level. 

Power Plum Girls – Play Up A Beautiful Plum Pout 

This ’90s inspired lip colour has made its way back to a lot of people’s vanities. If subtle make-up is your thing, make a statement with shades of plum and mauve to uplift the entire look. 


Transfer-Proof Matte – Smudge-Proof Lipsticks

With masks coming into the picture, transfer-proof mattes have almost become a necessity. Available in shades of nudes, pop colours or basic reds and more, these lippies help keep your masks from getting messy.

Glitter Lips – A Spring In Your Step 

When you don’t want to ditch your go-to lipstick but want to get onboard the shiny lip trend, layering a gloss over your lipstick for extra shine and dimension is the way to go. You can also try pairing a chrome lip colour with a minimal make-up look.






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