Singapore to hang woman today for drug trafficking


A 45 year old Singaporean woman named Saridewi Djamani will be hanged today after she was convicted and sentenced in 2018 for trafficking around 30 grams of heroin. This hanging is to take place after 19 years as the last woman hanged was 36 year old hairdresser Yen May Woen who was also convicted for drug trafficking.

There have been renewed calls to put an end to capital punishment in Singapore and if Saridewi is hanged today, Singapore will have executed 15 people for drug trafficking since it resumed hangings in March 2022. On an average, one person has been hanged every month.
Adilur Rahman Khan, secretary general of the International Federation of Human Rights has asked the Singapore authorities to stop these blatant violations of the right to life. As per the law currently in force, any person, both citizens and foreigners, convicted of trafficking more than 500 grams of cannabis and 15 grams of heroin will get the death penalty.


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