Eleven women from Kerala pooled money to buy lottery ticket, win 10 crore


Eleven women from Kerala who did not even carry Rs 25 in their purse, pooled money to buy a lottery ticket worth Rs 250. One woman borrowed the meagre sum just to try her luck. These women by a stroke of luck, won a whopping sum of Rs 10 crore and were announced winners of the monsoon bumper by the Kerala lottery department.

The women who are members of Haritha Karma Sena, bought a lottery ticket for the first time. All of them are going through a lot of struggles and hardships in their lives and this money will come in handy to solve their problems.
Haritha Karma Sena is engaged in collection of non-bio-degradable waste from households and establishments and sent to shredding units for recycling. Sheeja, the chairman of the Haritha Karma Sena consortium at the Municipality said that the winners were hardworking women and sole breadwinners for their families.


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