Shruti Haasan Celebrates 35th Birthday With Boyfriend Santanu Hazarika


Shruti Haasan turned a year older and celebrated her 35th birthday with her boyfriend Santanu Hazarika and friends in Mumbai. Sharing a photo from the birthday celebrations, Santanu Hazarika kept it simple as he wished Shruti Haasan with this message: “Happy birthday, love.” In the photo, Shruti and Santanu can be seen sharing a loved-up moment. Shruti Haasan, who indeed had a fabulous 35th birthday, thanked Santanu for making it memorable: “Thank you for making my birthday special.” Santanu Hazarika is a doodle artist and an illustrator and also the founder of the Guwahati Art Initiative.

Shruti Haasan wrote about the lessons and changes she’s welcomed in her new phase of life in a birthday-special post: “Filled with gratitude and joy! This has been the best phase of my life and I’m thankful for my lessons and the journey …I’ve grown and changed in ways that have shaped my vision of the future I want for myself filled with light and creativity – I want to take a second to say a giant thank you to my virtual family for making my birthday so special. Thank you for all your wishes I feel so loved.”



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