Sensuality thy name is Sanjjanaa


Straight talk on how materialistic pleasures lured her to the glamour world

By Namita Gupta

Even as a kid, she was star struck, but she always had her head over her shoulders. With dreams of making it big in the glamour world, she honed her many talents and carved her own niche. Today she’s on cloud nine with a bagful of interesting projects. Actor Sanjjanaa Galrani who started her acting career after dabbling in modeling, couldn’t have asked for a better phase in her life than now. The social media queen who has a fan following of over 26 million followers proudly proclaims that she is the most followed star in Karnataka. In a candid interview the angelic and adorable star reveals to RITZ on what keeps her going, her upcoming projects and her other passions.

How did you enter the glam industry and how did you get your first break in movies?

I was modeling for the sake of pocket money. I started working as early as when I was 12. I used to handle my dad’s accounts. I started working in my seventh grade vacations. I was an athlete so I was always tall, fit and lean. I have my father’s genes. I accompanied a friend to a modelling agency once and the model agency manager instantly asked me to walk the ramp. This was during my 10th grade vacations. I never took from my parents after that as I started getting commercial shoots. Since I was an athlete and used to play outdoors sports like volleyball, high jump and basket ball, I was getting tanned. It’s never too early to start working. I was only in my 12th grade when I got the opportunity to work in my first film. I wondered if I did that film I would get 2 lakhs and I could buy a second hand car and drive to college in my own car.

What film projects are you currently working on?

I’m doing a Telugu mega budget television show called “Swarnakhatgam”. I’m currently shooting for it at the Ramoji Film City. It is produced by the producers of Baahubali themselves Arkamedia in alliance with ETV. The entire show is based on my character. I play a warrior queen named Maharani Mahadhatri. This TV show will be released in every language ETV and Colors channel. I’m also working in a Malayalam-Kannada bilingual heroine centric feature film. I started shooting for it in February this year and it is titled Vasavadutta. Besides several brand promotions keeps me busy all through the year. Some of them include Airtel, Paytm, Colgate and many others.

What have been some of the highpoints in your acting career so far?

I’m a very optimistic and strong person. I have always been on a high and every film, even if it does well at the box office or doesn’t make a mark, I still take it as a learning step and it still remains a highpoint for me. I never allow anything to let me down.

Who are your favourite co-stars and close friends from the industry?

I have friends in the industry, but nobody is a good friend. I finish my work with due respect and share a very professional relationship with them and come back home peacefully. Some of my mentors are Puri Jaganath, Yataa satyanarayana, the director of my current shoot #swarnakhadgam and his wife Naveena. I have many close friends from outside the industry and some of them who are very dear to me are Dr. Azeez, Anthony Jayanth, Rahul Tonse, Anand Narang, Prithvi and Niyaz.

Some of your favourite travel memories…

I love Europe and the US. I find them very peaceful. Once I’m there I’m instantly energized and cut off from my work and my mobile, especially due to different time zones.

What are your other passions besides movies?

Since I’m a fitness buff, I decided to turn entrepreneur with my own venture called the Koramangala Akshar Yoga Academy in Bengaluru. I’m also very affected by the current scenario of rapes and the underprivileged and unemployed woman. Being a social activist these days is coming naturally and I’m also doing a bit of philanthropy. I hope to keep giving back to the society that’s given me so much.



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