Dare to Dream-Achieving Flawless Beauty: Dr. Sethuraman


This is the age of dreaming the impossible dream. An age where no ambition is too high or overarching. The best time to do the unthinkable is indeed NOW. The cover of the May edition of South India’s largest lifestyle magazine RITZ, is adorned by individuals who embody this never-say-die spirit.

Each of them is now a name that has set a benchmark in their respective fields of entrepreneurship. Say hello to Mohan Ram K, Managing Director of Zingbi Fashion; the much-in-love and driven-by-passion couple Anirudhan Grandhee & Aishwarya Gupta, Directors of Viswa & Devji Diamonds and Dr Sethuraman, leading dermatologist and actor who are all making a major difference in the manner in which their businesses function while also serving as an example of how to enjoy success in your passion.

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Achieving Flawless Beauty – Dr. Sethuraman, the Managing Director of ZI Clinic

A leading dermatologist in Chennai, Dr. Sethuraman, the Managing Director of ZI Clinic is known to Tamil cinema fans as actor Santhanam’s co-star in the hit film, Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya. Having also been a producer, he is at present focused on his medical career and specialises in skin and hair care. His clinic has earned a good reputation among the people after providing solutions for skin care, hair care and body sculpting catering to the different beauty and health needs of people.

This handsome doctor-actor has earned his place on our cover by dint of his hard work, his passion for his twin professions and his focus on introducing new and safe treatments for various cosmetic problems. Read on for an insight into his career and how he has won by always keeping his eye on the ball.

At first sight, many will recognise you as an actor. Your decision to become a doctor – was it something you always wanted?

My father is a doctor. My grandfather too was a doctor. Naturally, I’ve wanted to become a doctor from my childhood days. I received the offer to act alongside Santhanam when I went to invite him as a chief guest during my college days. It was then that he told me to try my hand at acting. I initially thought he was kidding! But he even backed up his suggestion by offering me a role in his film and that’s how I starred with him.

How did ZI Clinic come to be?

My dream and passion has always been to work in the field of skin care. I love trying my hand at new ideas and innovations. Once when I travelled abroad, I was able to witness firsthand the revolutions in skin care that doctors were introducing and I was very inspired to implement it all back home. Dr. Ratnavel, a doctor at Stanley Hospital, was my guide and encouraged me a lot in pursuing this ambition. At a time when everybody was questioning whether people would accept an actor as a doctor, it was he who bestowed the much needed confidence in me to start ZI Clinic.

 Hair loss is a huge cause of worry for people. What according to you is the major reason for hair fall?

There are plenty of reasons, but the number one reason is definitely stress. I have even seen 20-year-olds turning bald.  Even though genetic reasons do exist, their lifestyle is such. A lot of adrenaline gets secreted and this causes a lot of disturbance. And, when you don’t sleep, you get stressed. A lot of cortisol is being secreted. Once all this is reduced, hair will naturally benefit. You also need to incorporate an appropriate diet consisting of avocados, sweet potatoes, mullets and silica-rich foods. We can treat these problems through natural diet. Only if it cannot be resolved will we resort to medication. First, you need to identify why hair loss has happened. A blood test needs to be taken, which nobody does. This could also be as a result of iron deficiency and less calcium, thyroid, diabetes and other conditions too.

What are the type of treatments offered at ZI Clinic?

The only surgery we do here is hair transplantation. All other treatments are non-surgical inclusive of body shaping using different techniques such as ultrasound which is used for fat reduction. Let me clarify that this is not for weight loss, but for body shaping. For example, ‘love handles’ or muffin tops are a common issue. We tackle this through freezing the fat by shrinking the fat cells. We also provide skin tightening since many have an issue where they have loose skin post their pregnancy. There are also clients who come to us to improve the skin texture, ease out fine lines and wrinkles etc. Those who are getting ready for their weddings might have a tan, sunburn, dark circles, acne scars, pimples etc. for which we provide routine treatments. All treatments are approved by the FDA. We do not want to take any shortcuts in implementing a treatment by suggesting an OTC cream or a steroid cream, which might provide a temporary solution, but will lead to complications in the long run.

So, once the treatment has begun, will a person be required to change his diet or lifestyle?

I usually take 20-25 minutes for consultation. In a day, I meet approximately 25 patients since we need to do justice by hearing him out and then give him appropriate advice including the diet. Many people don’t know this, but smoking leads to premature skin ageing. Alcohol leads to extreme tiredness and the results can easily be seen on the face. It is understandable that these habits cannot be cut completely, but rigid control can be enforced at the least. This will lead to a lot of difference. Even normal sweating is in itself such a big treatment. When we share this kind of information with those who walk in for consultation, they are really happy and also follow it.

What is the natural diet to make our skin glow?

The best skin lightening agent is lime. You can apply lemon as it will lighten your skin. Milk is a good ingredient. In your diet, you can include oranges, bananas and also green tea. Beans, capsicum, sweet potatoes are all good sources. Baking soda is one of the best ingredients to apply on our faces. These are things we can practise within the comfort of our homes.

Apart from the treatments you are already providing, what are your plans ahead?

I like attending conferences and getting to know the various methods of treatments being launched. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is becoming a problem for many and a new treatment with the FDA approval has now come out. So, whichever new treatment procedure comes out in the market, I like investing in it.

Do you think influence of mobile phones have an effect on the health of our skin?

Definitely. Today, dark circles is a common problem. Even if you apply creams to cover the dark circles, you are not going to see a good response. For this, you will only need to carry forward with treatment.

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