Saluting the single mother this Mother’s Day


Single moms are not just role models for their kids, but also enact the role of the father, provider, confidante, and a million others. To honour these amazing women, Housejoy, which provides high quality at-home services, has created a short film that celebrates the spirit of the single mom. The film features single moms from across India, including those affiliated to groups like Single Moms of Bangalore, as they speak on how they manage multiple things simultaneously.

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Housejoy will take care of all their household chores. Be it laundry, home cleaning, plumbing & electrical needs, appliance repair, fitness & wellness or the indulgent beauty service at home.

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CEO of Housejoy, Saran Chatterjee says, “Our aim is to make home services quick and easy and in turn, to make life simpler and hassle free for all. Housejoy pays a tribute to the resilience of every single mother. They are the true inspiration to Housejoy as they are the greatest multitaskers. They have this great ability to balance their chores, careers and children perfectly. Housejoy looks upto these single mothers and strives to lend an arm by maintaining their house in the most convenient way.”




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