Rowdy Pictures’ Koozhangal To Be Screened At Shanghai International Film Festival


Debutant director PS Vinod Raj’s Koozhangal (Pebble)  won the prestigious Tiger Award at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, the film was also screened recently at the reputed Kyiv Molodist International Film Festival.

The latest update from the team is that Koozhangal has also been selected to screen at Shanghai International Film Festival. “We are happy to announce that our film has been selected to be screened at the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival! #ShanghaiInternationalFilmFestival2021”, tweeted Rowdy Pictures, the presenters of the film.

Koozhangal is all about an emotional journey between a father and son who walk 13 km in the summer heat of a dry village to bring back their wife and mom respectively.



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