Rooh – Soumya Sadanandan’s New Short Film


The one minute short film features trans woman Krishna as an empowered woman

National Film award winner, Director Soumya Sadanandan’s new short film, ‘Rooh’ features Krishna, a trans woman who is a makeup artist, working hard to be independent and to achieve her goals in life. The one minute video beautifully portrays her emotions of being rejected and yet her determination and resilience to rise above the challenges thrown at her.

The short film was made by a small crew of eight people and shot on iPhone 12 in a single day. Soumya says that it took around ten days to compile everything and complete the editing. The short film has been an entry to various film festivals and was launched on National girl child Day.

The video was based on the idea of woman empowerment and Soumya felt the need to convey to the audience that trans woman want to be treated as any other woman and they need to be empowered too. “It was my friend, Rappamma who came up with the theme. We often sympathise with trans women and picture them with a lot of pity but I felt it is time that we see them as equals. They don’t need pity but just need respect and acceptance that they are like any of us, trying to earn a living and live a life of dignity,” says Soumya.



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