Leopard enters apartment complex in Bengaluru


A leopard is said to have entered into an apartment complex in Bannerghatta, Bengaluru for the second time. It was spotted entering Prestige Song apartment on CCTV cameras. Forest department officials were alerted and they have set traps hoping to catch the leopard alive. The apartment is located a few kilometres from the Bannerghatta National Park. The leopard was spotted at around 1 a.m. last week and stayed within the premises for about 20 minutes before disappearing into the bushes.

Forest officials have increased vigil in the area. They have kept two cages ready with goats as baits to trap the leopard. They plan to capture the leopard and release it back into the forest.

Leopards sightings in the periphery areas of Bengaluru city is not uncommon. A similar incident took place in January 2019, when a leopard was spotted in the ITC factory in Yelahanka. It was captured by the forest officials and released into the Bannerghatta National Park within 24 hours.



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