Return of the Aquafest 2020



Karavalli, the specialty restaurant at The Gateway started 30 years ago and today has acquired a special niche for itself in the hearts of a myriad of seafood lovers, a substantial percentage of who are frequent travelers to Bangalore who insist on having a meal at the Karavalli before they return.

Karavalli salutes the unstinted support from all seafood lovers and announces its Annual Seafood festival – ‘AQUAFEST- 2020’ from the 16th to 30th of November, 2020. Karavalli or the land by the sea stretches from the rugged coastline of Kerala to the sand drenched beaches of Goa on the West Coast of India. As spectacular and surprising, as the countryside is, the cuisine of its many communities was confined by and large to family kitchens until Karavalli at The Gateway captured and showcased them.

At the Aquafest, witness the delectable cuisine of the bunts of Mangalore, the Coorgs, the Malayalees and the Portuguese of Goa, especially created from the wealth of local spices, red chilies, coconut, pepper, fresh fish, meats and vegetables of the coast. Moreover, to capture them perfectly the chefs at Karavalli have trained in the kitchens of traditional homes and continue to procure ingredients from the original source like perfectly smoked Kodampuli from Kerala, Toddy Vinegar from Goa, and Kundapur Coconut for their firm white flesh. For the final touches of authenticity, wood and charcoal fires are still used.

Situated under two giant tamarind trees, the 86 seater restaurant resembles a traditionally-tiled Mangalorean house, with a mix of indoor and beautifully-landscaped alfresco seating with cascading waterfalls, water bodies and lush greenery. There is a strong accent on fresh seafood in the new menu, including fish, prawns, squid, mussels, oysters and crabs, cooked in traditional recipes. The highlight of the menu is the West Coast Seafood Grills section in the alfresco area of the restaurant, which gives guests the opportunity to interact with the chef and get involved in the cooking process, while enjoying the nip in the air. Dinner under the starlit sky is an experience in itself, as the restaurant is lit up with authentic lamps, leading up to a stunning intricate work, depicting the Tree of Life.

The Aquafest menu prepared under the aegis eyes of the award-winning Chef Naren Thimmaiah comprises of two sections. The first section consists of over fifteen new Seafood preparations with as many seafood varieties, which are dished out from kitchen as well as the ‘West Coast Grills Station’. Karavalli’s famed West Coast Seafood Grill is an experience for gourmets and seafood lovers. Fresh catches is steeped in spice blends that are closely guarded secrets in family kitchens of the South West Coast. Each household marinade has recreated to bring out the unique flavor and texture of individual fish. The second section consists of Signature dishes that have made what Karavalli is today!

Some of the must-haves specials include Prawn Ghee Roast, Sea Crab Sukka, Manji Tawa Fry, King Fish Cafreal, Goan Squid Chilli Fry, Bombil Fry, Koondal Pattichathu, Sigadi Basale Gassi, Neimeen Podimas and Kottayam Fish Curry with Neer Dosa, Appam, Idiappam and Malabar Parathas. For desserts, the Dodol, Kashi Halwa and Ragi Manni will leave you drooling for more.

Where: Karavalli, Vivanta, The Gateway, Residency Road, Bangalore.
When: November 16 – 30, 2020.




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