Rajesh Pratap Singh at Evoluzione


A collection of contrasts divided into day and night, Rajesh Pratap Singh’s ‘Illusion’ opens with structured ensembles in very light gossamer fabrics followed by fluid silhouettes in harder opaque fabrics.

Much like Yin & Yang, opposites sometimes need to meet. These complementing contraries come together in the collection through the interweaving of pastel shades with metallic yarns into sheer glass weaves progressing to blacks and midnights with silver highlights.

With fabrics especially created for the collection, the woven experiments feature silver, stainless steel, paper aluminum, hand-woven and hand-spun khadi, silk and linen. ‘Illusion’ also revisits the statement Rajesh Pratap Singh pieces like the white shirt, bias churi sleeves, village bundi vest, structured jacket and the veil, albeit in a new avatar. The traditional frame (adda) hand embroidery technique has also been twisted to use metal parts for a modern rendering.

Elements and details featuring in the collection include flat bed knits with metal disc inserts, lit helmets, bumble bee eyes, soft tear drop neck and ear pieces, transparent graphic feet – each of which have been conceived and hand crafted at the Rajesh Pratap Singh studio.

 Available at Evoluzione, No 3, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai. + 91- 44 – 2833 3627



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